About Servoner
(Best House Maid Company)

We here at Servoner help you to hire the best maid for your day to day life and also help someone who’s looking up for a job of housemaids, cook, babysitter. You can also hire a fulltime or part- time maid or bai from us.

Our main aim is to satisfy both the customer and the maid. Our service is to provide the best possible Cooking Maid, Cleaning Maid, Babysitter and Senior Citizen Caretaker at your location. We have satisfied thousands of customers by providing the best housemaids.

We understand how difficult it is to find a maid if you shift to a new location or if your previous maid ditches you. Now you don’t need to go anywhere else we will search for the best suitable housemaid, babysitter, cook or a caretaker for your old parents. If our maid ditches you then don’t worry at all we will provide you a replacement within a few days.

Right now we are providing our services in Delhi/NCR. We have a database of over thousands of best maids in Delhi/NCR who are always ready to serve you.

Our Company not only provides maid to customers but also helps the maid to reach out to the customer. So if you are a Cook, Babysitter or can be a Senior Citizen Caretaker then you are at the right place. We will find a customer for you and provide a job for you.

Where you could work and earn your living. So basically you don’t have to do the search work Servoner will do that for you.

Servoner believes in the satisfaction of Customer as well as our maid. That’s the reason we fully verify the maid before the maid reaches the customer and still if the customer is not satisfied. We will provide them with another maid free of cost.


What We Do?

We provide a one-day free trial for the customer so that our customers could choose from the best maids. Incase if the maid takes a leave for more than a week in a month then we will send a replacement the very next day. You could change your maid a maximum of 3 times in a year depending on your satisfaction. Above all, we take the full responsibility of any misbehaviour by our maids.

We individually verify each and every maid at Servoner by physically visiting their addresses, and also we keep a copy of their identity documents like Pan Card, Aadhar Card or Voter Card. So that you could hire a 100% verified maid, cook, babysitter or senior citizen care.

We also check the maid’s criminal background across all courts in India for the safety purpose of our customer.We also believe in providing full satisfaction to each and every maid who reaches out to us in search of a job.

For the identity of our maids, we make a Servant Card for them so that the maid has their own identity. 

Our services are available in Delhi NCR, So hire the best maids providing company of Delhi NCR and let us give you a chance to serve you.

Flexible Schedule

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Affordable Package

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Special Offer

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Need A Free Estimate?

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