Elderly Care Service


At a stage of life, our body gives up and does not will to work as it used to work earlier. In that case, every senior citizen might lookup for a caretaker or if you are a working husband-wife and there’s nobody to take care of your old parents do reach up for a senior citizen caretaker. Who will look after all the little thing your old parents need. From their food to their medicine, our caretaker will look after everything. So that you don’t have to worry about your parents anymore. You will provide you with best of our caretakers whom you could try for a day and then decide upon. We will also be taking full responsibility for any kind of misbehavior from our caretaker. We will provide you a 100% verified caretaker for your parents.
If you are a caretaker who can look after old ones and could not find any customer, then Servoner will help you to reach out to a family who is willing to hire a caretaker for their little ones. All you have to do is just reach us and after your full verification, we will take you up to the customer where you can provide you service to them. We will also provide medical insurance for the caretakers and will also give them provident fund.

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